A joint initiative by the world's leading media companies aimed at sustaining and supporting Ukraine's AV industry affected by the unprovoked Russian aggression. Raised funds will be used to develop and produce programs in a variety of genres.

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On February 24th, 2022 Russian forces invaded the sovereign state of Ukraine.
The invasion of Ukraine is an unprecedented event in both European and world history and demands a corresponding response. The world's AV industry stands together with our Ukrainian colleagues. We hold a firm belief that our combined efforts can enable the cultural heritage of Ukraine to continue. Together we will create content that can cross borders. Together we will forge new cultural and economic ties to sustain both Ukrainian and global AV industries. Together we will reach new audiences worldwide.
In this regard, content has a matchless power.

Due to the war, the Ukrainian AV industry, known for its creativity and ambition, and on track to become a major content producer on the world stage, lost its financing overnight.
What our Ukrainian colleagues do matters: content speaks to identity and self-expression, yet inspires solace and solidarity, as has been witnessed in the global response inspired by Ukraine among the world's leaders and people alike.
Ukrainian AV industry is the lifeline for thousands of Ukrainian filmmakers. These jobs must be preserved for the sake of these people and the families who rely on them.
Ukrainian AV industry must persevere for the Ukrainian culture to continue. During the horrors of the war, this matters more than ever.
Alive and thriving Ukrainian AV industry will take the load off European economies, will allow the Ukrainian people to go back and rebuild and will foster deeper cultural integration across Europe and beyond.



Contributions to UCC will help finance development and production of scripted drama, animation, and factual content. We will commit and deliver a fixed number of hours of quality content.
An independent board will allocate the money to productions in different genres based on pre-defined selection criteria and in accordance with the guiding principles outlined below.
Content funded through UCC will be available to contributing partners on non-exclusive basis to air on their channels or platforms, promoting deeper cultural integration and inclusivity.
An independent board is formed from a cross-section of the global industry (pubcasters, commercial channels, streamers, trade media, producer associations, and talent).
An independent board is formed from a cross-section of the global industry (pubcasters, commercial channels, streamers, trade media, producer associations, and talent).


Guiding principles

Openness and inclusivity
UCC will provide industry-wide opportunities at the time when the Ukrainian AV industry needs it the most to enable a wide variety of voices to be heard and stories to be told.
Quality and responsibility
Ukrainian media groups backing the initiative (FILM.UA Group, StarLight Media, 1+1 media) will take on the responsibility of delivering quality content in a timely manner.
Transparency and accountability
The UCC will be registered as an NGO in Ukraine and will be independently managed to provide full transparency and accountability.
Preservation and perseverance
The initiative is dedicated to sustaining the Ukrainian AV industry and its voices to preserve the Ukrainian culture and ensure the stories of the nation will continue to be told.
Through its shared initiatives and events, the UCC will provide a way for Ukrainian content to reach the wider world and foster deeper economic and cultural integration to help Ukraine become an integrated player in the world AV industry.

What's next?

The UCC is currently at its early development stage, but your interest, readiness to support and become the Ukrainian AV industry's friend, partner or patron is crucially important now. Please and we'll schedule a call or a meeting to share with you the UCC's ideas and plans. Whether you are a content buyer, producer, investor, an industry organization, a trade media or talent, there is a tangible way you can help.
Also feel free to contact us anytime at
We are serious about content. Our Ukrainian partners are leading Ukrainian media groups delivering quality content and providing thousands of jobs for AV industry workers.